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Carpenters Tool Box


This traditional carpenter’s tool box is hand crafted from locally harvested larch wood. The handle is made of white oak. It has hand cut dovetail joinery and a divider running along the length of the box, separating the storage area into two half sections and a second divider separating one of these half sections. It is designed so the Timber framing chisels and drawknives have one storage space and longer tools like slicks and axes have the longer section; leaving the smaller section for tapes, pencils, smaller planes, sharpening stones. It is finished with pure Tung oil and beeswax.

Overall length: 37” (940mm)
Width: 9.25” (235mm)
Overall height: 15” (380mm)
Section width: 4” (100mm)
Section depth:  6.7” (170mm)
Overall weight: 8.8lbs (4000g)

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